The doorBell
The doorBell


This is a doorbell which will play .wav files. Select your favorite tune, add it to the SD card – and wait for unwanted guests to arrive!


The doorBell plays .wav files


An Arduino Uno is triggered by closing one of two switches – either the doorbell button on the front door, or the doorbell button on the back door. A Wave Shield holds the audio of choice, which in this case is the familiar Jetsons door chime, and Louie Louie (yes, in its entirety – TOGA PARTY!!!).

Enclosure detail
Housing and contents
The guts
The guts













The doorBell uses the existing wiring from both the utility room and the exterior doorbell buttons. A simple bypass of the transformer in the utility room removes the 18VAC which powers a traditional doorbell.

Existing wiring
Existing wiring and power
Added connector
Added connector













Gravity mount
Speaker layout
Speaker layout













The audio amplification is handled by the convenient-yet-loud PAM8403. These are convenient because they are powered by 5V and need no additional components – simply put line-level audio in, and receive 3W of power to drive a speaker or two.

PAM 8403


A volume pot is accessed through the top of the MDF, so the audio level can be comfortably set – or simply turned off.

Audio level adjust


Ahh, the dream of a custom Jetsons doorbell… achieved!