Gameshow fun!


Well, the function of this is pretty straight forward: If you hit the buzzer before your opponent, you get to answer the million dollar question!


Quick! Hit the button


The shell is constructed out of 19mm MDF.

From rough draft (right) to prototype
More holes, please


Taking form
Taking form


Powered off


Three Arduinos and a Teensy are behind this familiar feuding fun, each with their own purpose: Arduino 1 (the buttons) oversees the contestant button pushes, and also controls the perimeter LEDs. Arduino 2 (the remote) lives in the scorekeeper’s controller, keeps track of points and runs the controller’s LCD display. Arduino 3 (the DJ) plays audio clips via a WaveShield. The Teensy controls the two LED 32×32¬†displays. All four microcontrollers are communicating with each other to determine the game flow.

Rear view
Rear view


The power cable, scorekeeper’s controller, and audio line out (optional) are connected on the back access panel. There is also a pot to control the audio level.

Back panel connectors
Open door policy


Inside the unit is a 5V 40A power supply which powers all 4 microcontrollers, LED/LCD displays, and an audio amplifier.

Inner workings


Perimeter LEDs and 32×32 matrix


A controller allows for remote operation. Upon powering up the system, a menu lets the operator set the game parameters: the number of questions, point value, allowing the opposing team to steal points, etc. And of course, during game play: selecting if the contestant’s answer is right or wrong!

Scorekeeper’s controller


See all of this in action at a work function. The LEDs have a hard time competing with the sun!