The Insultron is a coin operated insult player

Are you having a great day? Feeling on top of the world? The Insultron will put some reality back in your life, and with such scathing remarks, you might never recover. Actually, this is only harmless fun. The Insultron is a coin operated insult player – give him a buck, then push the button – and he will put you in your place with a random pre-recorded jab.

IMG_2686 IMG_2685



The unit is made of ½” MDF, and contains an Arduino with a WaveShield. The WaveShield reads .wav files from an SD card. The files must be 16-bit or less, with a sample rate of 22.05kHz or less, and mono. The coin acceptor is programmed to accept only quarters and loonies – any unrecognizable coins it simply rejects.



The audio amp is built using an LM386, which drives the 4” speaker mounted on the ceiling of the box.



There is a 10kOhm pot mounted through the bottom of the box which controls the volume of the speaker. Also on the bottom of the unit is a latch which can be unlocked to retrieve the coins.



The insults are mostly original, and were phonetically (painfully) typed out, then ‘read’ through the built-in iMac ‘speech’ function, and recorded. One of the issues of selecting random insults is the possibility of repeating the same insult. Think about it: if you pay for 3 insults you wanna hear 3 different insults, no repeats. The code has this functionality. Once an insult has been played, it is flagged – only when all insults have been played do these flags get reset, and then, once again, every insult is ripe for the picking.