The reProgrammer


The reProgrammer is an immersive jumpsuit combining sound, light and vibration. After putting on all the equipment – visor, headphones, and coveralls – one is led into another world…


The reProgrammer is an immersive jumpsuit.


See… the Lights:

A visor made out of acrylic has an LED mounted for each eye. These WS2801 RGB LEDs can produce pretty much any color imaginable.

The headset
The visor


Hear… the Sounds:

A standard pair of stereo headphones is connected to a non-standard MP3 player. The difference between this MP3 player and an iPod? This player is designed to interface with a microcontroller. The MP3 player contains prerecorded tracks which are designed to enhance the user’s experience.

MP3 shield
MP3 shield


Feel… the Love:

The jumpsuit itself has 10 tactile transducers attached to strategic locations: Feet, legs, torso, and arms are all outfitted with these vibrating “pucks” to make your journey… sensational. Velcro elastics hold the pucks snugly to the participant’s body.

A "puck"
A “puck”


Powering the transducers are a series of small Class D stereo amplifiers – 5 in total, which gives us ten (that’s right, 10!) discrete channels of spine-tingling fun.

Amplifiers and Arduinos
10 channels of audio
10 channels of audio






















Not one, but two Arduinos are at the centre of all of this fun – the first is responsible for the soundtrack, as well as delivering cues to the second Arduino. The second Arduino patiently waits for its next cue, and at the appropriate time, controls the eyeball LEDs and the good vibrations.

Here’s a clip of it in action at the local Maker Faire:

Arduino1 (mp3 player) CODE:

Arduino2 (eyeballs and vibes) CODE: